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Amanda Johnson

MA (Performance), BA (Hons.) Music


I am a composer and violinist based in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District National Park. I compose, perform and record music that explores the themes of migration, travel and identity, combining environmental recordings with instruments and voices. I come from a classical music background and have an MA in performance from Huddersfield University, but I also enjoy exploring the musical qualities of everyday environmental sounds and ways to engage audiences in moments of shared human emotion through my music.


My ancestry has a significant influence on my work. My family came to Yorkshire from Roscommon in Ireland in the late 1800's and before that from Spain. My family tree includes pot sellers, chimney sweeps, coal miners and travelling brush makers. My work reflects this complex mix of heritage and culture as well as my family’s story of migration and travel.


I have recently worked with The National Trust, Buxton Museum, Off the Shelf festival, Sound and Music, Nottingham Trent University and Company Chameleon Dance in Manchester. My music has been performed at venues across the UK including the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire and the National Media Museum. It has featured in radio broadcasts in the UK, USA and Switzerland and has been acquired by three public collections. In 2017 I was awarded the Francis Chagrin award from Sound and Music and in 2019 I was awarded a scholarship from the Finzi Trust.

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